Best String Lights for Bedroom in 2023 ( Updated )

Best String Lights for Bedroom

Bedroom is a very personal space for everyone and to make that space truly yours sometimes you need to give a different touch to it, which you can not add in your entire house.

String Lights can be that special touch and make your bedroom more cozier and soothing but for that you need to know which are the best string lights for bedroom in 2023

Also, we will not confuse you with the tons of options. Instead we have already done the hard work for choosing the best string lights for bedroom. We have selected only 6 no’s of lights. Have a look and decide yourself.

Given below is a List of selected lights. If you want to know why we have chosen these lights then you can read ahead. We have chosen each light depending upon its uniqueness. 

List of the Best String lights for bedroom in 2023

S. NoUSP of String LightBrand of String LightCheck Price
1.Best Budget Minetom USB String Lights with Remote Buy Now
2.Best Value String Lights 33 Feet 100 Led Twinkle Buy Now
3. Best Indoor & Outdoor UseMintom Globe Ball String LightsBuy Now
4.Best Curtain String LightsMini Globe LightsBuy Now
5.Best Battery Operated ZOUTOG Battery Operated String Lights,Buy Now
6.Best Twinkle Star Twinkle Star String LightsBuy Now
List of the best string lights for bedroom

Best Budget String Lights –  Fairy String Lights with Remote & Power Adapter, 66Ft 200 LED

These lights are the best budget string lights. Warm white lights make it an all rounder which can be used anywhere on any occasions. Below given are main features of lights – 

  • 66 Feet Long with 200 Leds bulbs with the space of 4” in between the Leds.
  • Can be powered from both, Normal Power Outlet or from a USB outlet.
  • String is IP 65 waterproof except for on/off switch & power adapter.
  • Safe to touch and Do not overheat even after long running hours.
  • Also comes with an Remote Option for some extra couple of buck
  • Strand wire is Strong and flexible enough to bend around any object.


  • Space of 4” in between the Leds.
  • Two Power Option
  • Strong and Flexible Wire


  • Remote comes at additional Cost

String Lights with Best Value – Changing Twinkle Lights with 4 Lighting Modes Remote 

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These String are a complete package in itself that is why we have selected them as the best string lights for bedroom with great value for your money. Don’t believe it yet, just look at the given below main features of it and decide for yourself.

  • Comes in Two Variants of 33 Ft and 66 Feet – Pick as per your need.
  • 16 Color Changing Options – Never runs out of colors.
  • USB power enable with adapter so that you can use it anywhere even with your powerbank.
  • Remote Controls – On/Off with remote. Change brightness level – 5 Levels. Set Timer along with 3 Lighting options to choose from – flash, strobe, fade.
  • Waterproof and Secure – UL Listed adapter and IP67 waterproof strands so that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your family members. Also they do not overheat due insulated wires.


  • 16 Color Changing Options
  • Two Power Option
  • Remote Control
  • UL listed Power Adapter


  • Not much to complain about

Best String Lights for Both Indoor & Outdoor Use – Globe Ball String Lights 

Best String Lights for Bedroom

LED Globe Ball String Lights, Fairy String Lights these lights have their own charm. With this type of light one of the big issues is about their bulbs getting broken but the light manufacturer has sorted this out by using plastic bulbs.  Further if you need to know how you can add them in your backyard check this post over here.

You can use them in parties, In Christmas Lighting or in any celebration apart from your bedroom. Bulbs lights are great. The major benefits of these lights is that they can used in outdoors as well as they are commercial approved,

  • Comes in Two length options of 33ft & 100 bulbs and 66 ft with 200 bulbs.
  • Timer functions and 8 Nos of Lighting Mode. With a timer function you can set the string lights run time on a daily basis without any hassle. 
  • Indoor & Outdoor Uses. You can use them almost anywhere you want as they are commercial quality of string lights also bulbs are shatterproof which makes them an excellent all rounder.
  • Waterproof and No overheating. These String lights are IP44 waterproof and even after using them for long hours they do not overheat. Also their Adapter is UL Listed, which makes it one the safest and secure string lights out there. 


  • Globe Ball String Lights
  • Timer function
  • Remote Control
  • IP 44 Waterproof


  • Only comes in two color option

Best Bedroom Curtain String Lights –   Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light 

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These Curtain String Lights are the best if you are looking to create those beautiful evenings for your loved ones. These are dedicated bedroom string lights which creates a stunning visual. 

These String lights have high brightness. Best part is that you can extend the length of string by connecting more strands of lights if you want more but in limited capacity not more than two sets.

Below are the other main specifications – 

  • Size of the lights –  6.6ft width and height of the strands are 9.8ft with total 300 warm led lights.
  • UL certified output and wire for 29 Volts.
  • IP 44 Waterproof means you can use them outside as well but keep in mind that controller and power is non waterproof. 
  • Total 8 Modes – You can set the tone of lights as per your mood with 8 different modes are available with these lights. Combination, In Waves, Sequential, Slo-Glo, Chasing/Flash, Slow Fade, Twinkle, Steady On.


  • UL Certified output
  • 8 Modes of Lighting
  • IP 44 Waterproof


  • Can only be used with Curtain

Battery Operated String Lights for Bedroom –  ZOUTOG Battery Operated String Lights, 33ft/10m 100 LED Bulb Warm White Globe String Lights with Remote Controller

This String lights has one very big advantage as compared to its competitor and that is they are AA Batteries powered. That means you can use them without traditional power. 

If you are going for camping or to any remote area where power is not available in that case these great battery string lights for bedroom, for camping, for hiking or for any different need.

Further have a look at their specification given below – 

  • Led Globe String Lights. Comes in two options of 33 ft with 100 globes and 49 ft with 120 globes.
  • Three AA Batteries are required for them to work. Note that you will not get the batteries.
  • Remote Control Operated. You can adjust the Brightness from dim to bright. You will also get 8 different lighting modes with these lights. 
  • Water Resistant. They are water resistant string lights so that you can use them outdoors as well.


  • Battery Operated
  • Remote Control


  • No Waterproofing Rating

Twinkle Star Led Lights – Twinkle Star 100 LED 49 FT Star String Lights, Plug in Fairy String Lights

6 twinkle star

Last option in our list is a bit of unique string lights. These are Star shaped led string lights for your bedroom. You can use them in your parties, christmas decoration, tree decoration or any theme based decoration.

Your little ones are going to love these string lights as their fairy string lights.They come in four different colors so you can choose them accordingly. 

These are also extendable string lights which can extend upto 10 strings. You can also use them both indoor and outdoor. Further check its specification given below – 

  • Total length of 49 ft with 100 led lights. You can expand them upto 1000 led lights.
  • Come in four colors of White, Warm White, Blue and Multicolor.
  • Waterproof and Secure. IP44 Waterproof with solid plastic lights. ( Note that the transformer is not watersafe ). UL 588 certification for a safe and secure usage.
  • 9 Functions Mode. You will get 9 lighting modes with these great artistic string lights so that you can set them as per your mood and enjoy.

Some Other Mentionable String Lights

TaoTronics LED String Lights 33 ft with 100 LEDs – These lights are the one of most popular copper wire ware lights for your bedroom. They are super economical and best seller in their category.

They are cost and power effective. Good for indoor and outdoor uses. They are waterproof so that you can use them in rains. Also they are shapeable and moldable so that you can wrap them around any object. They do not overheat and remain cool even after long usage.

Star String Lights for Bedroom – Star String lights are one of most unique lights out there. They have string lights with 12 stars. 6 are big one and 6 are small ones.

These lights are a great choice for Christmas decoration, for kids room decoration,  for valentine day celebrations. Lights are waterproof except the power plug. 

It comes with 8 different lighting modes. Lights quality is good as they are 100% copper wire based. Also they are UL listed means lights are safe and good in quality.

Tips for Purchasing and Installing String Lights

So now as you have seen the above given great string lights for bedroom. Now you need to know some tips while purchasing and installing them so that you have a great experience with them.

  • Always check your lights before installing them as sometimes you can get faulty lights so before doing the hard work, plz check it. Also we suggest to leave them open for some time before installing them just to check if they are working fine.
  • While untangling them have a look at how they are tangled so that in case if you need to remove and pack them, you can do it without any worries. 
  • Your bedroom color will play a big role while installing any string lights so just do some study on which type of light will look good for your bedroom. 
  • Wire Quality has to be solid or else you will have a nightmare installing them. It may break for any where the wire quality is not strong. 
  •  Do not extend any string lights to beyond their capacity.
  •  If you want to wrap a string light around any objects then always go for copper wire lights which are sturdy and strong enough to hold themselves against any object.


Are string lights safe for the bedroom?

String lights are a great way to add light and ambiance to any setting, but you should always follow safety guidelines. For example, if you’re using string lights in the bedroom, be sure to keep them away from bedding and other flammable materials

How Long Do Battery Operated String Lights Last ?

Battery operated string lights typically last between 6 and 12 hours depending on the type and size of battery used.

Do String Lights Use a Lot of Electricity ??

The good news is that string lights don’t use a lot of electricity. In fact, they typically use less than one watt of power.


String Lights or Fairy Lights or Led String Lights, can be that tool with which you can make your bedroom that place where you can go and feel out of this world. 

Adding a warm glow of those string lights can really make a big difference in your mood. Whether it is sleeping time or you want to read or you want to do something more ; ). String lights can be very useful in many ways.

We hope that the above information will help you decide about string light for your needs. We have tried to cover all the important aspects of it and choose very specific and great products. 

Further if you have any queries or questions, you can contact us.