Christmas Lights With Remote Control

Christmas Lights With Remote Control

Festive season has begun and everyone is looking for the Best Christmas Decoration possible this year in 2021 and as you know no decoration is complete without lighting.

So to make things easier for you we have compiled the list of Best Christmas Lights With Remote Control.

Yes, Christmas Lights with a remote control.

You don’t want to spend your evenings under the Christmas Tree operating and adjusting the lights, also apart from trees there are many lights to be installed in the decoration so having your lights with a remote control can be a great thing. 

Given below is the list of lights with remote which can be used in the decoration or otherwise as well. We have sorted the lights as per their types.

These lights has given below Common Characteristic which are very important for any decorative light :

  • Remote Controlled Operated
  • Waterproofing & Weatherproof
  • Multi Colored Lighting

Top 8 Christmas Lights with Remote Control as per their Types

  1. Traditional String Christmas Light – Brizled Christmas Lights
  1. Fairy String Light  –  Twinkle Star USB Fairy String Lights
  1. Globe String Lights –  Color Changing Globe String Lights
  1. Vintage Bulb – 48FT Dimmable LED Edison String
  1. Curtain String Lights – KJOY 16 Color Changing Rainbow Curtain Lights
  1. Led Project Lights –  Minetom Christmas Projector Lights
  1. Led Strip – Govee 16.4Ft Waterproof RGB Light Strip Kits with Remote 
  1. C9 Lights Strings – ELlight Outdoor C9 Christmas Lights

Key Features of Selected Christmas Lights With Remote Control with Specifications   

Traditional String Christmas Light with Remote 

 Brizled Christmas Lights

“ 65 ft 200 LED Color Changing Tree Lights 9-Function Warm White & Multi Color ”

Christmas Lights With Remote Control

The first pick in our list of Best Christmas Lights With Remote Control is one of the Most Popular types of string lights for Christmas.

It wears that traditional light look which can be used on many occasions such as Parties, Halloween, Christmas or in any of the indoor and outdoor uses.

Key Features – 

  • Good Length – With 65 ft long led color changing light, you will get 200 Bulb which can illuminate your bedroom, patio, lawn, yard or your very own christmas tree in no time.
  • 4 Brightness level with 9 Lighting mode – You can adjust the brightness according to its 4 levels of 100,75,50,25 Percent. Also you get 9 different lighting modes to play with. Modes are – 

Warm & color combination, steady on for warm white and multicolor separately, warm white flash, color flash, sequential for warm white and color, twinkle for warm white and color, breathing for warm white and color, warm white and color slo glo.

  • Remote Control with 25 ft of Range – Wireless remove can function from a far distance of upto 25 feet.
  • Outdoor Uses – The String light is good enough for outdoor use, only the power adapter and electric transformer are not waterproof.
  • Warm White to Multi Colored – If you want a more relaxing mode then you can switch these lights on warm white mode only where they will display the warm white color only.

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 Fairy String Light with Remote

 Twinkle Star USB Fairy String Lights

“ 33Ft 100 LED Waterproof 16 Colors Changing 4 Lighting Modes ”

Christmas Lights With Remote Control

These lights are the sister version of the string lights but with a different functionality and look to it.  They are called the fair string lights and can be wrapped around an object as well.

Decorate your Indoor or outdoor with this beautiful fairy light. Since they have a remote operating system, you will have fun playing with this Christmas Lights.

Key Features – 

  • Made from Copper Wire – Twinkle star fairy lights are high quality lights made from copper wires which do not get over heat even after hours of usage.
  • 33ft length with 100 LED – With a total 16 different colors & 4 different lighting modes with 4 Different timer settings these lights offer one of the best lighting systems. 
  • Remote Control – A usual as per this list of Christmas Lights With Remote Control.
  • USB Powered – This light has a usb connector with a controller on it so in case if you lose the remote you will be safe. 

            ( Note you will not get USB Adopter with this, also the USB Plug is not water safe )

  • Multiple Applications  – These Flexible & Bendable String Light which means you can wrap them around trees, mold them into furniture pieces or simply hang them on walls. Pretty useful for any type of decoration.

Remote Operated Globe String Lights with Christmas 

  Color Changing Globe String Lights

“ 16.4 ft 50 LEDs Crystal Bubble Ball Fairy Lights with USB Plug “

 Remote Controlled Christmas Lights

These are one those lights which can be best for any sort of decoration not only Christmas, you can use it anywhere including parties, outdoor, halloween or at any family function.

With their unique crystal ball design they offer the most of facilities a decorative light can offer. These balls are made from translucent plastic which does not overheat after many hours of use.

Key Features – 

  • Multicolor Lights – With 16 different colors and 4 lighting modes, these Christmas Lights offer a great variety of lighting which creates a very fun & loving environment in the house.
  • Waterproof with USB Plug – This Globe String Lights comes with IP44 Waterproofing to ensure that you don’t run into any problems outdoors. Also coming with a USB Plug means that you can operate it from a powerbank and laptop as well.
  • Remote Control with Memory Function – As necessity of this list, it has a wireless remote with which you can adjust its time & speed. Also the memory function is great as you don’t have to manually reset every time after your plug on.
  • Unique Design for Christmas – If you are looking for unique and different lighting decorations this year, then these are good light as it has an excellent look and feel to have around.

Shatterproof Vintage Led Bulb 

 48FT Dimmable LED String Light with a Vintage Look

“ Waterproof LED Edison Bulb String Lights ” 

Christmas Lights with Remote Control

Now the time is to give a Vintage look and appeal to your Christmas Decoration.

Well these are no ordinary Edison bulb string lights with these lights you get some unique features which are hard to find in the majority of such lights.

Coming with the latest led technology these are Dimmable Edison Bulb String Lights, you can choose from the three of the color options ( 2700K 4000K 5000K ).

Also the S14 Edison bulbs are made from shatterproof material so you don’t have to worry about their dropping & breaking.

Key Features – 

  • A Complete Outdoor Light –  It is a commercial grade light with IP65 Waterproofing, also the bulbs are shatterproof, supports all weather outside making a worryless outdoor light.
  • Ease of Installing – With their built in loopes, these string lights are user friendly and easy to hang in hooks or with zip ties. 
  • Extendable Strings –  These Christmas Lights with Remote Control, offer further connecting facility through that you can extend this, You can even extend them upto 3 Strands Max.
  • Timer Function with 2 Remotes – This Christmas Lights can have  4 levels of timing setting so you don’t have to turn them on and off them again & again. Also 2 Remote are there in case you miss one of them.

Christmas Curtain String Lights with Remote  

 KJOY 16 Color Changing Rainbow Curtain Lights

“ Backdrop Window String Lights, 310LED USB Remote Control for Christmas Decor ”

Christmas Lights with Remote Control

Ok so till now we have seen the String Lights with Remote for Christmas Decoration but next lights are Great for decorating Windows, Walls or for creating a magical backdrop for any special moment.

Be it a party or Christmas decoration if used wisely this light can create a very nice and bright ambience in our house.

Total length of the curtain lights are 9.8 ft & the height is approx 10 feet.

Best part is that they have hanger-like hooks at the top so it is quite convenient and easy to install and hang.

Key Features – 

  • 310 Numbers of Led with 16 colors – This light has Total 10 nos of strands along with the option to have  4 Lighting modes.
  • USB Powered – It has a USB plug but no adapter is there. Also the Usb plug has a button to change lights mode apart from the remote.
  • Can be used outdoors as well – IP64 waterproofing makes it good for outdoors as well.
  • Remote with Timer – 24 Key Remote which can work from 5 Mtr distance as well. Also you can put them on timer and adjust the speed of the lights as well. 

Manufacturer has mentioned that we should use 5V 2A or 5V 1.5 USB interfaces only otherwise the high voltage can damage the light.

Led Project Lights for Outdoor  

 Minetom Christmas Projector Lights with 26 HD Effects

“ 3D Ocean Wave + Patterns Waterproof with RF Remote Control Timer ” 

Laser outdoor Christmas Lights with Remote Control

In case one those people who love to have a party without doing the work of installing all those lights then a Led Projector Light can be the best Christmas Lights with Remote.

This Led Projector Light can light up the whole house (  Approx 2100 sq.Ft ) in a flash and then you can choose to play with its 26 HD Effects having many patterns options and 3D Ocean waves.

This is not only a great outdoor laser projector for christmas but you can use it in your parties, in Bistro, Pub, Halloween or in any occasion which you want to make it special.

Key Features – 

  • Latest & Unique Design – 2 motor drivers with 10 colors switchable and 16 patterns changeable & weather resistant. This is a real outdoor light which gives full bang for your buck.
  • Double Projection Effect – 10 colors ocean wave lights and 16 slides patterns, gives you the freedom and not lets you bore so you can play, sing & dance. 
  • RF Wireless Remote – The remote can work from any direction regardless of light placement, with remote working range of 26 ft.  

Also you can do many things with remote check out the product page for that.

  • Installed the way you like – With Three installing options you can mount, place at table and place it in the ground with the help of stakes.
  • 180 degree rotating head with IP 65 Waterproofing & can work harsh weather conditions making it an outstanding contender in Laser Projector domain.

Led Strip Lights with Remote for Christmas  

Govee 16.4Ft Waterproof RGB Light Strip Kits 

“Color Changing Led Strip SMD 5050 with 3M Adhesive and Clips, 12V Power Supply”

Christmas Lights with Remote Control

You have got your outdoor and indoor covered with light but what about those areas where to install lights seems to be impossible like your Kitchen Cabinets, Your Bedroom Ceiling Or What About Your Tv Unit.

A decoration does not mean only decorating the main areas of your house.

Well in such cases a LED strip can be a great Christmas Light With Remote Control for decorating those tricky places where installing a regular light might not work.

Govee 16.4Ft, RGB Led strip does the above mentioned tasks for you.

It is not any ordinary Led strip, it has the functionality of all such lights which you get in any advance light.

Key Features – 

  • A Bright Led Strip – This strip will not let you down when it comes to Lighting. It has SMD 5050 Led chips which are brightest and can create magical lighting.
  • Multicolored & 4  Brightness Level – It has four main colors – Red, Green, Blue & White and apart from this you will get 16 different colors with DIY. 

Also you can adjust the brightness of this Led Strip so dimm the light they way you want as per it 4 Levels

  • 44 Key IR Remote – Remote is there to perform last mentioned functions at your fingertips.
  •  Easy to Install & Waterproof – With 3M adhesive backside and 5 3M Fixing clip it quite easy to install this led strip. Also the Led strip is waterproof excluding the power adapter and controller.

Outdoor String Lights,C9 Strings Lights

ELlight Dream Color Lights with APP

“ Waterproof Color Changing LED String Lights for Christmas [60 LEDs & 23ft] ”

Christmas Lights with Remote Control

Last but not least in our list is a classic and traditional C9 Bulb Lights Strings for Christmas Decoration this year 2021.

Decorate your patio, lawn, yard or use them in any party. It will create a good and warm ambiance to light up your festivals.

But this old school lights comes with the latest technology with which you can operate these lights right from your mobile.

Yes it is App supported light which in a sense is better than Christmas Lights With Remote Control. You can Adjust Their Brightness & Speed with just a touch.

Key Features – 

  • 16 Million Colors Combination – This C9 Lights string is controllable by a Bluetooth and App. With DIY mode you can create your own combination apart from the given 120 rainbow chasing mode.
  • All Weatherproof – IP 68 Class waterproofing ensures that your lights will not give you any headache in rains. Alos these lights are good for hot & snow seasons as well.
  • Extendable Strings – These lights can be extended up to 17 strings. Easy end to end connectivity is given but you need to purchase a separate power supply for every string.
  • Low Voltage Usage – Since these C9 Led Bulb Strings are an energy efficient lighting option that means you can use any sort of decoration without worrying about your electricity bill.


So above given is a list of Best Christmas Lights With Remote Control  in 2022.

We have sorted the lights according to their type so you can check and decide yourself what type of lights suits your requirements.

Having Lights with a remote helps you a lot when it comes to ease of operation.

After doing all the hard-work of installing the lights, you don’t want to spend your precious time doing on/off them or pressing their buttons again and again.

Also if you want to know more about Smart Christmas Lights then check this  Guide here.

Have a Great Christmas & Festive Time ahead but most importantly Stay Safe and Keep Everyone Safe around You.