How to Hang String Lights in Backyard without Trees

How to Hang String Lights in Backyard without Trees

Adding Strings lights to your backyard is fun and welcoming. It creates a great ambiance for your family’s evening and parties. Apart from its main task of providing lights, they add a great vibe to the backyard that they are so popular and in trend. In this post, we will see, How to Hang String Lights in Backyard without Trees and what are the other options.

Having said that if your backyard doesn’t have any tree or any support then hanging string lights can be a task. In this article, we look to solve the problem of how you can hang string lights in your back without trees. 

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Temporary vs Fixed Solution

Before going ahead you really need to ask yourself if you are looking for a temporary solution that can be removed and wind up after the show or you want a more fixed solution for this. As in both cases, expenses and things required will be different. 

Also, you must remember that whatever types of lights you will use they have to be Waterproof. Also do not forget to take the leverage of existing support already available as it will save your time and money.

Don’t forget to Plan.

Do remember one thing before going ahead with the execution, just take a pen and paper and try to make a drawing of it. As it will give your plan to look ahead and also it tells how much string lights you need and how many poles you will be needing as per the space available. 

Another case is where you can just hang your lights on fences for this nothing much needs to be done. You can simply hang the lights on fences with the help of C hooks. Just make sure you get good commercial outdoor string lights so that they can withstand rough outdoor conditions if needed. Let’s see other both scenarios about, How to Hang String Lights in Backyard without Trees.

For a Temporary Period of time – Using PVC and Metal Poles

In this case, you should go with PVC poles and metal poles with End Cap or C Hooks. Just get the good quality sturdy PVC pipes. Cut them into 3 feet of length and dig them into the ground.

Put them at equal distance and do not leave much space between them around 8 feet is more than enough. 

Now you need to put 15 ft height of the metal poles just a bit smaller than PVC pipes in width so that they can go easily inside PVC pipes. Also not forget to add C or S hooks at the top end of it after adding a fence post end which has a hole in it Or you can simply drill the throughout the top end pole and place hooks in them at equal height.  

Try to get all the elements in black color so that it looks good and at night it merges in the background which gives string light a feeling that it is suspended in the air. Also, think in which sequence you will hang the lights. In a rectangle design or in Cross one that totally depends on you. Also if you don’t have any electrical outlet then get a heavy-duty outdoor cable extension. 

Once you get a pole stand up, check your lights before hanging them so that you leave with no doubt. Also if first create a square boundary first then go on and start making the cross design. You can use cable ties to tie the lights wherever it is necessary.  

Whenever you want to remove this, just cut the ties and remove the lights and take out the poles and cover those PVC pipes with a cap so that next time when you want to use them you can do that.

Hanging String Lights in Backyard without Trees For a Longer Period of time – Using Wooden Posts.

In this case, we will be using wooden posts instead of the PVC pipe and metal poles. But it required more time and work. As you will be digging down the ground for this wooden post to go in.

These posts should be good at the finish and support outdoor conditions. You can easily get it from online stores or nearby stores. Try to get a classic look and feel. But if lights you are installing is near your house then go with something which goes with the house exterior, it just makes them a part of your house.

A 16 feet height and 4×4 inches post will do it good. If you need to dig around 4 feet and then put the post into hole and fix it properly. Again you want to leave an equal amount of space in between posts.

Also, fix C screw before fixing them as it will save a lot of time doing it at the ground. After fixing the post, start handing the lights, first in a rectangular manner, and then in the cross. 

For Strings light you can use different types of Strings Lights available in the market. Just go online and check which suits you the best. 

You can also use your house walls for the hanging instead of the post but then you need to design in a way, where it incorporates the house wall at least one side of it. 

Use only Outdoor Compatible Fittings

Also, all the lights, wiring, and electrical equipment, which you should be using, have outdoor functionality so that nothing goes wrong when they are lit for a long time. Also, the wire is naked and hanging loose as after all it the electricity ceiling that you will be creating. Safety and Security should be the topmost priority while doing such DIY type tasks.  

If your backyard has a patio then you should be highlighting it by creating a different design above it. It just Creates a very good looking path to walk under it. Also, you can your deck railing and fences and add some light over there as well.


Also, there is no set of rules on how you would plan the design of your lights, just be creative and see what new you can come up with while taking care of all the essential things.

You can also use Solar String Lights as well if you want to save some money in the longer run. If you want to know how solar lights work then check out this post.

Finally, we hope the information provided about, How to Hang String Lights in Backyard without Trees helps you. Adding string lights to your backyard is a great way to enhance the look of your backyard where you will have those memorable evenings.

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